A Lawson’s Liquidations

Estate Sale

Will Be Held At

402 Genesee St., Gaines, MI

November 9, 10, & 11

10am – 5pm

Numbers at 9am on first morning


Directions:  From Owosso, take M71 to Durand. Turn right onto S. Durand Rd. Take Durand Rd to Miller Rd, turn left. Continue on Miller Rd into Gaines and the sale site will be on the corner of Clinton and Genesee St.


In the Dining Area: Smalls table with including many skeleton keys,

Fountain pens,

Pegasus small metal signs,

Advertising tins,

Gaines advertisement items,

Car emblems,

Old radiator cap,

Older Red Cross pins,

Older American coins,

Indian head pennies,

Mercury dimes,

Couple walking liberties,

Watch fobs,

A few lighters,

Old aviator goggles,

Old shaver sets,

Old shaver sets,

US service set by Gillette,

Lone ranger lucky coins,

Old metal whistle,

Jack knife collection,

AC ignition spark plug kit,

Ford wrenches,

Goodyear ash tray with green glass center,

’63 and ’63 license plate tags,

Rambler coins,

Miniature telescope,

48 star miniature flags,

Ford horn button in original box,

Schwinn tire pressure gauge,

Cracker Jack toys from 30’s,

Snow White button,

Two older crèches,

Old Christmas boxes,

ShinyBrite ornaments,

Christmas wreaths,

Christmas décor,

Small table top tree,

Pope Gosser set of China,

Large collection of religious memorabilia,

Jesus statues and Virgin Mary crosses,

Paper items including Catholic digests and magazines from 40’s and 50’s,

Grandfather clock with mechanism made in West Germany,

Old Halloween items,

Old Easter paper machete bunnies,

Old valentines,

Glassware including 4 jadeite nesting bowls,

Green depression glass,

Blue Fenton pieces,

Older carnival glass buffet set,

Hand painted rose bowls and plates,

Fenton creamer and sugar,

Pink depression creamer and sugar,

Old carnival glass footed plate,

Fenton pedestal candy dish,

Lovely round glass jar on stand,

Old green carnival glass vase,

Nippon double handled vase,

Crystal base smaller lamp,

Set of 5 Russian stacking dolls,

Nippon bowl,

Mason and Sullivan banjo clock,

Red glass Gaines, MI souvenir,

Old Kerosene pedestal lantern,

Old metal base lamp with milkglass shade,

Selection of old candy boxes,

Oak Hoosier with enamel porcelain top and original flour sifter,

Selection of older spice tins,

Hoosier jars, coffee, tea, and spice,


In the Kitchen: Selection of old pop bottles including Vernor’s, Mason’s root beer, Coke, Hoods,

Large selection of milk bottles from many various dairies including Flint, Durand, etc,

Bennington pottery from late 1800’s lidded salt box,

Many Quaker and Maxwell house tin coffee cans,


Cadillac glass company yard stick,

Two wonderful old Burley tobacco tins,

1940’s knife holder,

Enamel tea pots,

Enamel lidded kettles,

Enamel potty bucket,

Enamel pails with bails,

Nice old gray enamel coffee pot,

Many pieces of gray enamelware,

White enamel baby bathtub,

Polar ice chopper glass jar,

Large selection of crocks,

15 gallon, 10 gallon, 4 gallon, 3 gallons,

String winder,

Large selection of zinc-lidded blue jars,

Selection of old flash lights,

Wooden butter bowl,

Coca-Cola ice pick,

Old metal Western thermal hot/cold jug,

Lots of wire quart jar holders,

Bottle capper,

Metal matchbook holder,

Child’s metal sock dryers,

Wooden box from old sterling white chalk,

Wooden with slide-lid sterling white chalk box,

Old kitchen utensils,

Old metal fan,

American family scales,

Lots of cigar boxes from many makers,

Many advertising containers and tins,

Very large woven basket with handles,

Yellow step stool,

Laundry plunger,

Farmer Pete 5 gallon lard tin,

Old wooden ironing board,

Larger bread boards,

Selection of old cookbook pamphlets,

Little red riding hood cookie jar,

Glass lidded refrigerator containers,

Older glass mixing bowls with lids,

Sets of drinking glasses,

Canning sieve on stand with masher,

Larger bale pans,

Older blue enamel roaster,

Old sat irons,

Selection of tin pan lids,

GE small microwave,


Kenmore electric stove,

Newer Westinghouse fridge,


In the Bathroom:

Selection of old jars and tins,

Old hairnet packaging,

Old electric curling iron,

Blue shaving jars,

Old hair clippers,

Old Colgate creams set,

Selection of older shaving cosmetic kits in cases,

Old medicine cabinet,

Razor strap,


In the Bedroom:

Large selection of boxes models from the 30’s – 60’s,

Old Smith Corona typewriter,

Old Stetson hat in box,

Selection of older ties,

Large selection of records,

Two leather large suitcases,

Model of the SS France,

Model train with coal car,

Large selection of Popular Science, Mechanics Illustrated from the 40’s and 50’s,

Motortrend magazines from the 40’s and 50’s

Car life magazines,

Newer made Lone star quilt in blues,

A few 45’s and 78’s records,

Couple tied off quilts made from old flour sacks from the 30’s,

Older woolen blanket,



Celluloid dresser pieces,

Selection of older children’s shoes,

Treadle Singer sewing machine,

Couple black leather Dr. satchels,

Selection of MAD magazines,

Older box camera,

Older Argus camera,

Large selection of collector cars,

Old RC Victor Stereophonic record player,

Old metal desk lamps,

Older transistor radios,

Kodak 500 projector,

Selection of alarm clocks,

Philco record player/cd/radio unit,

Selection of rag rugs,

Chenille bed spread,

Handworked pillowcases,

Very old cast iron framed beveled mirror,

Wooden hand mirror with brush set,

50’s tablecloths,

Spoon carved marble top dresser with hanky boxes and matching full-size bed,

Indian inked Oak low dresser with oval full length swivel mirror,

5 drawer old Oak high boy dresser,

Little old commode with towel bar,

Single size mattress,

Older umbrella,

Beautiful Damascus treadle sewing machine in a square Oak cabinet, very unique,

Old sewing items including wooden spools, buttons, etc,

Needlecraft magazines from the 1920’s,

Old tennis racket from the 40’s,

Cans of tennis balls,

Child’s leather bottom rocker,

Selection of older books including school readers,

Historical books,

Mountain scene pictures,


In the Living Room:

Old Oak cabinet crank style wall-mounted telephone,

Couple of old pencil sharpeners,

Independent company ruler,

Folding metal Auto-owners insurance ruler from the 40’s,

Over 300 pieces of 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s car brochures from assorted makers,

Many older wall hanging calendars,

Large selection of car related paper goods including Michigan State automobile school, Indian motorcycle manuals, car manuals, etc,

Nash items from the 40’s and 50’s,

1950 edition of the Ford car book,

Chilton automobile directory from early 20’s,

1920’s The Battery Man publication,

1920’s automobile journals,

Many programs from auto shows,

Air progress magazines from 50’s and 60’s,

Aeronautical paper items,

1940’s flying magazines,

Gaines, MI paper items,

Genesee county rural directory from 1919-1924,

Gaines telephone company 1951 directory,

Paper items on old radios,

Lots of early maps,

Many 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s air trail magazines,

Large selection of mantle clocks, including Seth Thomas, Ingraham, Gilbert,

Dutch delft hanging wall clock,

Very large completed model of an older sailing ship “Clipper Ship” in a glass case,

Other completed ship models,

Large selection of completed models of various war planes,

Large selection of older completed model cars, dragsters, etc,

Outstanding collection of old children’s toys,

Large 3 piece metal train set,

Metal dump trucks,

Metal ice truck,

Metal ambulance by Marx,

Lockheed Sirius large metal airplane,

US Mail metal airplane,

Hubly metal airplane,

Wind-up small Marx tin airplane,

Wind-up metal bulldozer with rubber tracks,

Metal gas pump by Marx,

Tin lighthouse,

Metal 40’s car pulling a camping trailer,

Metal windup bunny,

40’s metal fire truck,

Cast iron Champion motorcycle with man,

Many celluloid cars and trucks,

Auburn rubber cars and trucks,

Large selection of cast iron toys,

Cast iron tractor,

Cast iron car and trailer,

Cast iron wrecker truck,

Cast iron fire engine,

Cast iron Motor Express car and trailer,

Cast iron old bus,

Old tin child’s drum with airplanes,

Larger tin drum,

Some comics,

Child’s wooden pull toy,

Mickey Mouse tin metal watering can,

Wooden Hiker auto pull toy,

Large selection of Little Big books,

James Oliver Curwood, Kazan, children’s book,

Lone ranger books from 40’s,

Old child’s catcher mitt,

Older metal spinning tops,

Wooden pull toy trailer,

Wooden yo-yos,



Selection of old toy cap guns including Gene Autry,

Old gyroscope,

Sets of tinkertoys from the 20’s/30’s,

Tinkertoy electric motor in original box,

Pencil boxes,

Old Victorian horse pull toy,

Sunny Andy tin street railcar,

Large selection of 40’s novels including Tom Swift,

Old parlor croquet game,

American logs box,

Old watercolors,

Model airplanes by Kellogg’s,

American roll game,

Old checkerboard and checkers,

Bag of wooden blocks from 30’s,

In original boxes, Mickey Mouse trapeze,

Mickey and Donald trapeze from the 30’s

Old child’s chalkboard aisle with rolling storyboard,

Commodore Vanderbilt streamline electric train set by Marx and company with engine, transformer, and 8 railcars,

Corner shelf unit,

Various old magazine racks/tables,

Wonderufl old strapped trunk in excellent shape,

Reclining chair,

Tiered magazine rack,

Heddon 1949 fishing tackle catalogue,

Older Michigan hunting and fishing guides,

Selection of newer joke books,

1940’s and 50’s Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck catalogues,

Paper machete train tunnel,


Out into the Garage:

Trek Madone 52 road bicycle, lightweight aluminum alloy,

BikeE recumbent bicycle,

Old Phillips 66 large grease can,

Old metal gas can,

4 cast iron tup legs,

Barn lantern,

Wooden shafts,

Cobblers tote for shoes,

License plates from 40, 48, 52, 55, 65, 79,

Old cast iron wall mount drill press,

Old child’s tool box,

Green painted carpenters box,

Various wrenches,

Selection of hand tools,

Small black kettle,

Large black kettle,

Brazen bits,

Metal oil cans,

Brass Buick sign,

1934,35, 37 trailer license plates,

Blue glass lightning insulators,

Porcelain door knobs,

Older lightbulb cage,

Older door hardware,

Various advertising tins,

Model T jacks,

Celluloids from Model Ts,

Champion spark plug in box,

Older pane doors,

Screen doors,

Solid barn style door,

Old reel mowers including Hershel #225,

Various garden tools,

1950’s Sears Roebuck bicycle with tank,

Old large drying rack,

1930’s child’s sled,

Copper boiler,

Various galvanized buckets,

Old pitcher pumps,

Old wooden wheelbarrows,

1930’s child’s tricycle,

Steering column from Model T,

Galvanized tubs,

Galvanized watering can,

Like new galvanized milk can,

Glass/metal kerosene cans,

Older suitcases,

Cushions with vintage material covers,

Metal wardrobe,

Two man saw in excellent condition,

Various cast iron wheels,

Long bamboo fishing poles,

Nice selection of various wooden boxes including dynamite box, Remington ammo box,

Fruit crates,

Seedless raisin wooden box,

Old garden clippers,

Hay hooks,

Early 1900’s child’s wagon with cast iron wheels,

Smaller child’s wagon from 30’s,

Metal desk,

Warming soapstone,

New Bell bicycle helmet,

Tire pump,

Clay pots,

Hand saws,

Old nail keg,

Older fire extinguishers,

Old wooden tractor jack,

Cast iron chain tool,

Older hubcaps,

Hand crank benchtop grinder,

Metal pulleys,

Burlap bag for wheat seed,

Old galvanized mechanic’s creeper

Newer exercise bicycle,

Painted wooden outdoor chairs